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Digitally manage, store, and retrieve data from a centralized business content management system

of organizations’ incoming information is unstructured, challenging business process automation and digital transformation[1]


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OpenText™ AppEnhancer is a business content management system that securely scans, stores, retrieves, and preserves information and makes it readily accessible within line-of-business applications and processes. The embeddable content management system helps organizations take control of paper and digital documents in both on and off-premises applications, while being enterprise-ready for broader implementations.

Why choose OpenText AppEnhancer?

  • Easy deployment

    Easily integrate with existing business databases and quickly deploy in Windows® Server environments or in Microsoft® Azure.

  • Continuous innovation

    Drive ongoing improvement with capabilities focused on continuous integrations with the OpenText product portfolio and strategic partner solutions.

  • Faster time to value

    Get enterprise-class software at a low entry cost to drive value and free up resources.

  • Easy to use

    Leverage a business content management system with a streamlined interface that gives users fast, easy, and secure access to critical documents without switching applications.

How AppEnhancer can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using a business content management system.

  • Speed time to market

    Ease IT burdens and get to market faster with quick deployment in either on-premises Windows Server environments or Microsoft Azure.

  • Increase productivity

    Easily retrieve information from the repository without leaving line-of-business applications through an easy-to-use API and web services.

  • Secure information

    Ensure robust security with overlapping user and data security options that allow granular control over the data users can see, manage, or share.

  • Simplify workflows

    Leverage an integrated workflow automation system for everything from approval processes to onboarding in a single application.


  • Modern UI

    Offers a streamlined, easy-to-use interface that can be modified to accommodate process-driven or department-driven organizations for a rich experience using most HTML5-compliant browsers without the need for plug-ins.

  • Easy-to-use RESTful services

    Provides a highly efficient and resource-centric API for developing fast and effective solutions geared toward web, mobile, and other connected platforms.

  • Simplified administration and remote management

    Enables simple deployment that can be managed over the web to eliminate the need for a desktop client.

  • Broadened authentication support

    Supports single sign-on technologies and authentication engines to enable tight integrations with other applications, improve security, and offer a seamless user experience.

Frequently asked questions

A business content management system organizes the digital content lifecycle from creation to archiving, often with collaboration and access controls.

A document management system enhances efficiency by automating data storage and retrieval, ensuring quick access and process consistency.

Workflow automation boosts efficiency, accuracy, and compliance while allowing staff to concentrate on strategic, value-added activities.

Yes, a modern CMS can be embedded within existing applications to streamline content access and management without disrupting user experience.

Look for intuitive navigation, robust search, secure permissions, workflow automation, broad file support, scalability, and integration capabilities.

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  1. [1]AIIM, AIIM 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry, 2021