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Email2EDI and Fax2EDI

  • Overview

Do you work with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in your trading partner community? Are you receiving their business documents via email or fax? Many of these companies simply don’t have the resources or IT capacity to exchange business documents with you in your preferred format. Avoid the tug of war over how these documents are exchanged and turn those orders, invoices and other common business documents into data without additional data entry.

OpenText™ Email2EDI and Fax2EDI takes emailed and faxed forms and converts them to data—eliminating manual paper handling and re-keying. This results in significant reductions in error-related losses and administrative costs.

Email2EDI and Fax2EDI provide increased automation and accuracy to help you:

  • Increase connectivity with SMB partners in your trading partner community
  • Populate source data into your systems for increased visibility
  • Accelerate time and quality of your ERP investment


Document and Character Recognition

Leverage the most advanced document and character recognition capabilities available with OpenText Capture Center to transform email and fax documents into useable data in the format you require, such as EDI and XML.

Business Rules

Do you need business rules to drive what happens when data on a business document is missing or incorrect? We will work with you to define those rules; improving processing on a higher volume of documents while reducing the number of exceptions you need to act on. If we can’t process a document, we’ll put it into an exception workflow that allows you to decide how to handle it.

Multilingual Capabilities

If you receive purchase orders and other forms from your SMB trading partners, OpenText can provide automation for emails and faxes in multiple languages. Standard resources support English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch with additional languages available depending on your requirements.

Download this datasheet to learn more:

 OpenText Email2EDI and Fax2EDI Overview