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What is a business network?

A business network is a digital ecosystem where connected people, systems and devices collaborate to optimize complex business processes extending beyond the ‘four walls’ of an organization to include partners, customers and other external stakeholders. Powered by a cloud messaging and integration backbone, a business network embraces all methods of information sharing, any-to-any, and creates a dynamic collaboration platform with the flexibility to work how, when and where users, systems and devices work. Through workflow orchestration and analytics, a business network can provide deep insights into operational performance to optimize and automate business processes, mitigate risk and accelerate time to market.

OpenText Business Network overview

OpenText Business Network is a cloud platform that facilitates efficient, secure and compliant collaboration across digital ecosystems of people, systems and things. Business Network provides the necessary digital exchange foundation, process orchestration and business insights to optimize processes across an extended ecosystem—including supply chain, corporate-to-bank connectivity, order management, payments, customer notifications and more. The platform is comprised of multiple solutions that simplify the inherent complexities of business to business (B2B) data exchange and offer insights that drive operational efficiencies, speed time to revenue and improve customer satisfaction. From a foundation for global messaging and data integration to analytics for process optimization to secure access and collaboration portals, OpenText Business Network powers the world’s leading businesses in Retail, Consumer Goods, Automotive, High Tech, Industrial Manufacturing, Financial Services and Healthcare.

Business Network solutions

  • B2B integration

    Connect electronically with trading partners regardless of their level of technical knowledge or preferred document formats and protocols. Improve data quality and speed by moving away from manual, paper-based forms of information exchange. Modernize B2B processes and optimize the reliability, reach and cost efficiency of the organization’s electronic B2B supply chain.

  • B2B managed services

    Augment internal IT staff with OpenText experts that manage everything from daily operations to proactive issue monitoring and resolution, allowing internal teams to focus on the core business, not managing integration complexity.

  • Supply chain optimization

    Mature supply chains beyond digital to procure to pay and order to cash process collaboration and automation. Enable visibility into the status of purchase orders, the timing of inbound shipments and invoice status to deliver an optimal customer experience.

  • Business analytics

    Gain operational and business insights into supply chain and communications performance, including historical trends, current patterns and predictive analytics to mitigate risk across the business and spot new opportunities for growth and cost reduction.

  • Digital fax solutions

    Consolidate and digitize disparate and paper-based fax systems with an integrated digital fax solution that automates and integrates the exchange of business-critical documents on-premises or in the cloud to increase productivity and lower operational costs.

  • Omni-channel notifications

    Simplify communications with customers and prospects through a single, unified secure messaging platform for outbound SMS, email, voice and fax communications.

  • Identity and Access Management

    Create and manage user accounts, roles and access rights for individual users, systems and things within an organization, and across an extended B2B ecosystem. Context-aware identity management provides information security and a platform of user collaboration that goes well beyond traditional transactional information sharing.

  • Internet of Things

    Manage access, lifecycle and relationships of connected devices to create new business models and drive operational efficiencies with a flexible, secure identity-led IoT platform.

Wheel of Business Network solutions

Customer success stories

What are the benefits of a business network?

  • Speed time to market

    Rapidly onboard new suppliers, comply with customer requirements and support new industry or regional standards to reach markets quickly. Speed time to market with an existing global community of over 600,000 trading partners.

  • Increase productivity

    Focus on the core business of the organization, not information exchange and integration complexity, to accelerate business processes and service quality. Automate manual processes and transactions to boost productivity and free up resources.

  • Reduce cost

    Digitize manual, paper-based transactions to reduce errors and the cost to resolve them. Consolidate overlapping, disjointed systems onto a single, modern cloud platform for a single point of visibility and control. Extend your internal teams with OpenText experts and processes.

  • Reduce complexity

    Centralize all information exchange and collaboration to send information in any format to all the organization’s trading partners, customers and other stakeholders through a single connection to OpenText Business Network.

  • Improve decision making

    Gain visibility into transaction intensive processes with operational and business metrics. Manage by exception to focus on critical issues before they impact the business.

  • Ensure compliance

    Comply with customer, industry, country exchange mandates by automating and applying business rules to transactions and other information exchange. Secure and control information flow with full auditability.

Get the IDC MarketScape brief

Learn why IDC named OpenText a supply chain commerce network Leader

1 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2018 Vendor Assessment, Simon Ellis, IDC US44514117, December 2018