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Metals and Mining solutions

Streamline asset operations, accelerate production and drive global productivity with OpenText Metals and Mining solutions

Today's challenges

Metals and mining companies face a number of risks that can impede competitive differentiation, product delivery and overall business success.

The need to optimize asset operations

The demand for around-the-clock operations must be balanced with asset lifespan and regulatory compliance.

Limited information sharing

A lack of integration across business processes, technology and data can result in inefficient operations and increased risk.

Inflexibility hinders growth

Amid ongoing price volatility, companies must quickly gain insight to make the right business decisions.

Tech-enabled transformation

Companies are under pressure to leverage digital technologies on a large scale to improve operations and drive global productivity.

Customer success stories

OpenText Metals and Mining solutions benefits

A combination of market volatility, increased cost base and changing global demand is driving a seismic shift in the mining industry. In response, mining companies should shift their strategies and adopt new business and operating models faster than ever before. To seize the opportunity, miners are embracing digital tools and capabilities, including cloud-enabled mobility, big data-powered analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Accenture, Digital Transformation—The Future of Mining, 2019

OpenText Metals and Mining solutions

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