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Many organizations handle enterprise supplier management and collection manually, slowing onboarding and new partner registration processes. In many cases, manual process can also lead to inaccuracies, duplicate entries and stale data that hamper communications and create potential regulatory risks.

Trading partner community management centralizes partner information for all internal staff while giving external partners self-service access to update their profiles, reducing workloads and ensuring ongoing access to consistent, accurate partner data.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Streamline global partner management

    Collect and maintain all supplier data within a single company-wide global partner management application.

  • Reduce workload

    Provide controlled access and self-service features to internal and external stakeholders to allow them to view or update information as needed.

  • Increase compliance and transparency

    Give key parties access to partner community management to increase performance visibility and collaboration on compliance, transparency and sustainability initiatives.

  • Improve partner relationships

    Instantly communicate with the entire trading community and keep track of individual responses to strenghten relationships.

  • Automate trading partner onboarding

    Minimize new partner registration and onboarding time with an automated enrollment process.

Business impacts

  • Trading partner data management

    Manually managing trading partners requires endless phone calls and emails to keep information current. Give suppliers controlled access to review and update their profiles themselves.
  • Partner onboarding

    When supply chains are disrupted, businesses need to quickly pivot to alternative suppliers. Automate the registration and onboarding process to conduct new business sooner and accelerate time to revenue.

  • Business and operational risk

    Reporting vendor revenue to U.S. tax authorities is a complex process posing significant regulatory risk if incorrect data is used. Leverage a centralized global partner network to ensure easy access to accurate, up-to-date and compliant information.
  • Partner communication

    Mass communication with suppliers often involves multiple systems and inconsistent data, wasting time and limiting effectiveness. Instantly send mass messages to the entire trading community and keep track of responses through a single platform.

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