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Optimize purchase-to-pay processes and gain end-to-end visibility into supply chains

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of purchasing departments have experienced positive impact on their organization and performance from deploying digital solutions[1]


In this introduction to Active Orders, see how an OpenText™ Purchase to Pay solution increases efficiency

Businesses still relying on manual, paper-based transactions for the purchase-to-pay process are struggling under the weight of inefficiency, suffer from limited collaboration, and lack visibility into their supply chain processes.

Purchase to Pay solutions help increase automation, reduce costs and minimize potential supply chain disruptions.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Optimize supply chain performance

    Manage by exception with a 360-degree view of supply chain activities and supplier performance.

  • Drive continuous improvement

    Alleviate risks created by poor supplier performance and enact improvements using scorecards to track key performance indicators.

  • Enhance logistics processes

    Manage complex transportation scenarios with buyer and supplier visibility into electronic forecasts and carrier shipping updates.

  • Extend visibility for business users

    Get alerts on new orders and order status changes, access dashboards, locate transactions and take action to manage exceptions whether at a desk or while mobile.

Business impacts

  • Order management

    Maintaining healthy inventory involves multiple departments and complex workflows. Manual processes waste time and increase the risk of missed orders, delayed shipments and late payments. Automate and simplify processes.
  • Information exchange

    Businesses need to exchange orders, transportation data, and invoices with their suppliers. Managing physical documents is error-prone and leads to order, delivery and payment issues. Improve data quality and reduce errors with digital exchanges.

  • Supply chain visibility

    Supply chain efficiency requires everyone to be on the same page. Manual data entry is slow with opportunities for errors, leading to miscommunication and unnecessary delays. Digitize purchase-to-pay interactions for real time insights.
  • Supply chain insights

    When disruptions occur, or discrepancies with invoices, deliveries and orders arise, all parties must work together on a resolution. Poor collaboration makes it hard to spot issues and determine the root cause. Gain actionable intelligence with end-to-end visibility.

  • Real time ordering and fulfillment

    To stay competitive, organizations need to quickly respond to market shifts. Legacy systems and paper-based processes delay order modifications, impacting sales. Enable real-time ordering and fulfillment with mobile order management apps.
  • Shipment tracking

    Product may be lost or delayed in shipment due to traffic, rough handling or environmental conditions. Staff cannot monitor product every step of the way, making it hard to get ahead of issues. Leverage IoT track and trace capabilities.

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OpenText offers a broad set of capabilities to support purchase-to-pay automation:

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OpenText combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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  1. [1] PWC Digital Procurement Survey, 3rd edition, 2021