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OpenText Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) Solutions

Streamline the DSAR process

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OpenText Data Subject Access Requests overview

OpenText Data Subject Access Requests solutions for General Data Protection Regulation, California Consumer Privacy Act and other data privacy rules provide an efficient, automated and flexible approach to respond to data subject access requests cost-effectively using either OpenText™ Axcelerate™ or the OpenText™ Insight eDiscovery and investigations platform. Designed for speed, security and accuracy, the technology significantly reduces resource overhead, DSAR response costs and the overall burden of the process.

OpenText Data Subject Access Requests benefits

  • Cull volumes to identify sensitive information

    Narrow the scope of review with robust processing and culling, including multi-faceted simultaneous search for concurrent queries.

  • Streamline data assessment and review

    Rapidly assess relevant information without setting eyes on every document with technology-assisted review and other advanced analytics.

  • Automate sensitive data redaction

    Automatically find and redact any identifiable patterns across individual or thousands of documents while ensuring quality control with automated QC.

  • Deliver de-risked data to the requestor

    Produce either single documents or families of documents related to the individual with easily configurable production workflows.

  • Securely manage and fulfill requests

    Ensure documents are protected with multi-layered defense, along with automated data identification and redaction through self-triggered QA checks.

Featured components

The OpenText Data Subject Access Request solution is based on either OpenText™ Axcelerate™ or the OpenText™ Insight, eDiscovery and investigations platforms and OpenText™ Professional Services.

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