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OpenText RightFax Analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your RightFax history to easily access, analyze, and identify system performance, volume statistics, and delivery information.

Applying Analytics to RightFax Faxing Operations

With the global reach of modern businesses, the need for analytics has never been greater. Applying analytics to OpenText RightFax delivers on this front and allows you to visualize the data and trends required to improve efficiencies and profitability.

Easy access to meaningful data enables quick evaluation of the state of messaging activity, allowing you to:

  • Monitor and investigate messaging activity for mission critical applications
  • Understand enterprise use and trends for faxing
  • Identify and react to messaging bottlenecks
  • Observe and respond to unacceptable message delivery rates

OpenText RightFax Analytics

Available through the RightFax web administration console, RightFax Analytics provides a quick-view dashboard that visually conveys data for up to one year of data in all three categories:

  • Fax Volume Counts: Summarizes total fax counts.
  • Fax Page Counts: Summarizes total fax pages.
  • Send Attempts: View the success and failure rates for faxes, including the ability to see first call success rate, failure rate and detailed failure reason.


  • Easy and fast access to fax volume, page counts and send attempt information
  • Make better business decisions with deeper insights into transactions and performance trends
  • Identify exceptions earlier, allowing corrective action to be taken sooner and to prevent messaging delays
  • Collaborate more closely with key stakeholders on user and application faxing performance

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