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Digital transformation drives the manufacturing supply chain imperative

Manufacturing companies worldwide are implementing digital technologies, such as smart mobility, IoT, analytics and machine learning, in conjunction with B2B cloud networks to deliver supply chain capabilities and help change the way businesses operate.

It is critical that companies realize that an outsourced B2B integration capability allows internal resources to be allocated to more strategic projects while ensuring that a best-in-class infrastructure is enabled.


16 percent of manufacturing companies were already using B2B Managed Services while 62 percent were considering it.1

Download the IDC Digital Transformation drives the manufacturing supply chain imperative white paper and get more insight on:

  • Digital transformation maturity in the manufacturing supply chain
  • 10 Key disruptive technologies applied across the manufacturing supply chain
  • Expected vs real benefits of digital transformation
  • Key challenges and steps taken by manufacturing companies to adopt digital transformation
  • B2B integration solutions and the benefits of B2B Managed Services


1 IDC research

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