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Learn how OpenText™ empowers developers to add capabilities to their offerings

Delight your users with the transformative power of Information Management. The OpenText™ Developer Cloud offers developers unencumbered access to the world’s widest selection of Information Management products, features, SDKs, APIs and cloud services—in any architecture. With Developer Cloud, developers can easily extend or build custom applications with ready to use solutions.

How OpenText Developer Cloud can benefit business

  • Accelerate product roadmaps

    Reduce the time and effort to add critical functionality to applications with ready-for-use Information Management capabilities.

  • Enhance end-user satisfaction

    Introduce new features and functionality that drive productivity, adoption and engagement to meet and exceed Information Management requirements.

  • Simplify vendor management

    Mitigate complexity and frustration with a single, trusted source for all Information Management requirements at a lower price than in-house development.

  • Increase development ROI

    Focus in-house resources, time and skills on strategic initiatives with OpenText developed and maintained components.

  • Cloud or off-cloud API

    Deploy solutions in whichever environment best meets organizational needs.

Featured capabilities

Leverage a roster of powerful developer building blocks to bridge gaps in product portfolios, add new features or enhance existing capabilities

Information Management Services

Access and manage OpenText Information Management products, APIs and cloud services through a single gateway.

Developer Cloud technical documentation

Get access to detailed API documentation, test the IM service features and access tutorials.

Why choose Developer Cloud?

  • Source from a single vendor

    Access a full, integrated set of Information Management solutions directly through OpenText Developer Cloud to meet all organizational needs.

  • Deliver seamless insight

    Be part of the ‘future of work’ revolution by building and offering customers comprehensive, highly integrated functionality within the systems and applications they use every day.

  • Make data-driven product roadmap decisions

    Leverage innovative, no-cost product roadmap diagnostics to make confident product strategy and roadmap decisions with data, not intuition.

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