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See how working smarter can help you focus on what really matters.

Change the game with information + automation

Business 2030 is closer than you think. Future business growth is human centric, inclusive and sustainable. Bringing information and automation together, OpenText prepares organizations to re-invent with new digital fabrics, new rules and new ways to work that will keep them ahead of the game.

96% of organizations surveyed said information management is highly important to their technology strategy, yet more than 70% struggle to master it[1]

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Deliver superhuman impact

Today’s organizations are striving to create intelligent, connected, secure, responsible and scalable workplaces. With information + automation working together to handle the ordinary, you are free to be extraordinary.

See how OpenText helps investigators close cases faster and prosecute more offenders

52% say information overload is a critical business challenge[2]

Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation Unit can focus on protecting children while OpenText finds evidence to speed investigations.

Find insights faster with AI

Watch how OpenText connects therapy planning solutions to help a healthcare technology company transform oncology treatment

60% say data is not easily shared among teams[3]

Philips Healthcare can focus on advancing cancer patient care while OpenText ensures they have access to the medical information they need.

Improve outcomes with connected data

See how OpenText protects against disruptions to help a public services infrastructure company keep critical utilities up and running

#1 challenge to productivity is increased security risks[4]

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority can focus on capacity planning and reducing waste while OpenText delivers insights to detect and stop cyber threats and prevent deadly downtime.

Protect against disruption with intelligent cybersecurity

Watch how OpenText digitized paper documents to help a natural gas and water provider quickly put information in the hands of those who need it

60% improve operational efficiency through sustainability efforts[5]

Metropolitan Utilities District can focus on providing safe, reliable services to its community while OpenText helps them go paperless to further their sustainability goals.

Be responsible and efficient with digitization

Discover how OpenText automates end-to-end infrastructure management to help a major airport accommodate increasing capacity

62% are looking to the cloud to modernize systems and accommodate future growth[6]

Istanbul Grand Airport can focus on welcoming more travelers while OpenText helps monitor 40,000 IoT devices from a single interface on a hybrid cloud environment.

Scale for the future with cloud-based solutions

Smarter with OpenText

Working hard delivers results. Working smarter delivers better results, faster. With the right tools, you have all the information you need to put your effort where it belongs. To add value. To make better decisions.

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Today’s critical need for better information management

A recent survey outlines IT leaders’ top information management concerns.

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