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Work smarter with OpenText

Are you ready for Business 2030? Future business growth is human centric, inclusive and sustainable. Bringing information and automation together, the OpenText Cloud solves complexities so businesses can re-invent with new digital fabrics, new rules and new ways to work. At OpenText, we elevate every person and every organization to be their best, so you can work smarter.

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Smarter with OpenText

Working hard delivers results. Working smarter delivers better results, faster. With the right tools, you have all the information you need to put your effort where it belongs. To add value. To make better decisions.

Working smarter

See how information + automation elevates people to work faster and easier for superhuman impact.

Improve care quality

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Find evidence faster

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Tell better stories

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Run essential infrastructure

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Fight fraud

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Deliver smarter results

Trust the leader that offers the innovation, ease and flexibility that has earned the trust of the world’s most trusted brands to deliver the mission critical while working smarter.


Drive business processes with simplicity and security. Gain foresight with AI-powered decisions that accelerate velocity and confidence.


Collaborate more effectively with customers, partners and employees. Integrate data and applications across multi-generational IT to run and transform at the same time.


Use technology to address new rules and new regulations around climate, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, governance and trust.

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Technology is driving civilization’s transformation from analog to digital, making it every leader’s most pressing challenge. Learn how to get ready for digital crises before they hit and thrive in the new world of human-machine teams.

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Learn how the information advantage helps companies gain a competitive edge. Move toward a future where advantage is fueled by information by staying current on trends and solutions.

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