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The Information Advantage for API development

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Development teams are struggling to support new use cases with less resources and less time. An API development portal along with developer tools offers fast, easy access to critical information within integrated systems by any user, through any interface.

More than simply technical tools, APIs facilitate innovative solutions to business challenges by expanding the capabilities developers have at their fingertips, allowing them to work smarter and unleash the creativity that keeps businesses relevant and resilient.

Solve any information challenge

Embed information management services to build, integrate and customize applications to present information in context.

  • Achieve faster time to solution

    User demand for faster access to new technology and short deadlines means coding from scratch and frequent code updates are not an option. Address new business challenges and get to market faster with a “build your own solution” API development platform that empowers developers to easily build new applications or solution extensions with information management services.

  • Embed information management

    In the age of remote and hybrid work, organizations need to keep users on task by reducing application switching without increasing the burden on IT infrastructure. Seamlessly bring together content and existing applications with out-of-the-box capture and digitization solutions embedded into key business processes.

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