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Unlock data insight with AI and analytics

Learn how to optimize and monetize data with embeddable, end-to-end analytics and AI

of organizations are either using, testing, or considering AI. 88% of leaders say they need help from a partner. [1]

Analyzing billions of data points at top speed

Watch how Jaguar TCS Racing relies on OpenText analytics to help take the lead

OpenText helps us to make time-critical decisions to ultimately deliver an edge that leads to more points, podiums, and wins for Jaguar TCS Racing. Its real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities are a great fit for our environment, helping us improve data-driven performance on and off the track.

Jack Lambert
Research and Innovation Manager, JLR Motorsport
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Gain insights and make smarter business decisions with AI-powered analytics

Optimize applications with embedded analytics, monetize the data lakehouse, and gain better business intelligence trends by building a better foundation for AI.

Watch the OpenText World analytics and AI keynote on-demand

AI innovations and a renewed interest in data analytics are driving competition across nearly every industry. This comes as organizations face an increase in data volume and complexity. With much of this data filling data lakes or trapped in silos or unstructured formats, businesses can’t tap into insights.

Organizations wanting a competitive edge must adopt AI trends, such as embedded analytics and AI, and leverage a unified platform to fuel business intelligence and drive better outcomes.

Win in your industry with analytics and AI innovations

Discover how machine learning and predictive analytics are delivering AI insights and changing the way companies in your industry operate, grow, and stay competitive.

Financial Services

Discover fraud, detect investment opportunities, identify clients with high-risk profiles, and determine the probability of an applicant defaulting on a loan.

Better understand risk


Analyze network performance, predict capacity constraints, and ensure quality of service delivery to end customers.

Improve service delivery


Optimize audience targeting, analyze visitor behavior through A/B and multivariate testing, and predict user engagement patterns.

Increase conversion


Streamline operations, enhance sustainability efforts, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by analyzing and understanding massive volumes of IoT data.

Achieve operational excellence

Stand out from the competition with analytics and AI solutions

With the OpenText™ Aviator platform, you can leverage out-of-the-box products, fully embed our services into your own applications, or work with our professional services team to build or tailor applications to suit your use case.

  • Improve analytics performance

    Unlock AI insights instantly by leveraging a high-performance, columnar analytics database to analyze any data type, at any scale, anywhere.

  • Strengthen data governance and compliance

    Detect and address harmful, sensitive, and inappropriate text, images, video, and audio files (such as PII, violence, or passwords) within organizational content using advanced machine learning tools.

  • Unlock AI insights from unstructured data

    Discover key insights stored deep within your unstructured data—including text, audio, video, and imagery—using advanced AI-powered search, knowledge discovery, and analytics solutions.

  • Embed insightful visualizations into applications

    Enhance applications and make data-driven decisions by using APIs to embed interactive BI reports and dashboards into enterprise applications.

  • Break down data silos

    Analyze data in place across repositories to unify your approach to data analytics, and enable your team to search across everything using natural language processing (NLP) and AI.

  • Harness the limitless possibilities of IoT

    Achieve zero unplanned downtime, smart metering, telemedicine, usage-based insurance, and more by managing and analyzing large volumes of IoT data with scalable big data SQL analytics solutions.

  • Simplify the data science workflow

    Explore your data distribution and correlations without code, compare algorithms, and experiment and train models on full datasets in a familiar notebook environment.

  • Build tomorrow’s AI solutions

    Begin, or enhance, your journey into the future of AI by leveraging the expertise, product resources, and innovative thinking that can help you make breakthrough progress in your AI initiatives.

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Explore OpenText Aviator platform

Unlock insight from all data types

Unlock insights from all data types through advanced data extraction, enrichment, search, and knowledge discovery capabilities. OpenText Analytics (OpenText™ IDOL™) provides unparalleled AI and machine learning models so organizations can accelerate ROI and get the most out of their data.

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Embed and share interactive reports

Meet the needs of data scientists, business analysts, and the entire organization with embeddable, AI-based analytics and interactive reports. OpenText Intelligence (OpenText™ Magellan™) can uncover and share trends or secrets from unknown data with ad-hoc analysis and dashboard creation.

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Achieve AI to BI at exabyte scale

OpenText Analytics Database (OpenText™ Vertica™ Analytics Platform) offers the best value for the highest performance of any data lakehouse on the market. Run any analysis—from BI to AI—at any scale data—from TB to PB to XB—on any data—including structured or semi-structured.

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Success with OpenText Analytics & AI

Learn how other leading organizations are using analytics and AI innovations to overcome information management challenges.

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Minimized MRI downtime, saving lives with IoT sensor data and AI analytics for predictive maintenance

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Minimized environmental impact while improving crop yields by connecting IoT sensor data to AI-powered analytics

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Improved the efficiency and quality of patient care by increasing the embedded analytics performance of their health information systems by 6000%

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