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Smarter tech for modern general counsel

Enhance legal operations by using legal AI tools to proactively identify, anticipate, and address legal issues

of general counsel consider technology important or critical for their success[1]

Legal 2.0 for the modern general counsel

Watch how to drive smarter decisions and business outcomes with Legal 2.0

Today’s general counsel must embrace legal proactivity to identify, anticipate, and address legal issues and risks before they scale into significant problems and cost.

Enterprise legal can stay ahead of challenges by using legal AI tools to protect the organization, enhance strategic decision-making, and drive efficiency. General counsel, CLOs, and CIOs who adopt AI-driven legal technology can fuel legal innovation and unlock a new era of proactive, forward-thinking legal leadership.

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Legal tech 2.0—Drive in-house innovation with AI legal tools

Discover how AI-enabled legal proactivity helps modern general counsel anticipate, address, and reduce legal risks and costs so they can drive smarter business decisions and deliver on legal innovation strategy.

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    Control the cost monster

    Reduce downstream litigation, regulatory investigation, and other legal costs by leveraging legal AI tools, advanced analytics, and early data-driven insights.

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    Boost strategic decision-making

    Anticipate challenges and align legal functions to organizational objectives to unlock strategic decision-making and enable legal innovation.

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    Improve efficiency and productivity

    Eliminate repetitive tasks with AI-powered solutions to streamline legal operations and free legal teams to focus on strategic legal work.

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    Elevate compliance

    Adopt a proactive stance to adhere to all laws and regulations and reduce the risk of legal action and regulatory scrutiny.

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See how customers are succeeding with smarter tech for modern general counsel. 

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  1. [1] Corporate Counsel Business Journal (CCBJ),The new general counsel survey, 2023