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Quickly locate and automate
distribution of regulated content

Ensure access to the right assets at the right time

As media permeates all areas of the organization, OpenText ™ MCM for Life Sciences consolidates all the organization’s digital media and rich metadata that they control. Not only do employees have access to the proper assets but other applications and processes can access, share and use digital assets as well. OpenText provides convenient search features to quickly locate content by keyword and other parameters, such as metadata and file content.

Watch the demo to uncover how MCM for Life Sciences can takes digital execution to the next level by ensuring quality control, brand consistency and process harmonization.

Watch demo - Search & Distribute Process

How can MCM help Life Sciences organizations manage marketing content?

Ensure quality control: Effectively navigate projects from inception to MLR review to distribution

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Capitalize on digital assets: Efficiently manage outputs over an ever-complex regulatory landscape

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