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Managing Content in the Cloud
by Tom Jenkins

The future of content lies in the Cloud.

That's why we wrote the book Managing Content in the Cloud.

This book illustrates all the component technologies inherent in an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system. It describes how enterprise technology tools paved the way for the adoption of text mining, 3D rendering and immersive environments, mobile access to content, and the Semantic Web inside the enterprise. Managing Content in the Cloud demonstrates how organizations can claim, control, and profit from content to improve productivity, mitigate risk, and increase organizational agility.

By reading this book, you'll find out how to:

  • Collaborate with your customers and employees to add value to social content and build business intelligence.
  • Create new revenue streams and profit from semantic content, based on business intelligence and analytics.
  • Protect your most valuable assets by making your content safe.
  • Take the lead as the speed of business accelerates. Fast and direct access to content delivers business advantage.
  • Digital content impacts all of us in our daily lives—across multiple channels, at any time, on any device. Put your content to work everywhere.

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