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Inspire collaboration in your organization

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Are you ready to accelerate your business?

"An employee feeling like a cog is being replaced by the voice of the engaged employee,'" wrote Jacob Morgan, principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group and the author of The Collaborative Organization, in a recent blog post. "Email and intranets are being replaced by networked and connected systems; yearly reviews are being replaced by real-time feedback; [and] working in silos is being replaced by cross-boundary collaboration."

The future of work puts more emphasis on collaboration, and new technologies are helping us get there. It’s easier than ever for workers to use safe, enterprise-grade social business and content-sharing solutions to work together seamlessly and drive innovation.

View Part 3 of our Fuel the Speed of Innovation webinar series, Top 5 Ways to Inspire Collaboration in Your Organization, to discover how to embrace the power of co-creation and innovation. Hear Morgan and Kimberly Edwards from OpenText discuss the future of work and offer advice to help evolve your business and find a better way to work.

You will learn:

  • How workplace flexibility gives your organization a competitive advantage
  • What trends and market dynamics are driving the need for collaborative business
  • How technology is inspiring new ways of thinking about work and new ways of working

Featured Speakers:

Kimberly Edwards
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Management

Jacob Morgan
Author of The Collaborative Organization
Principal and Co-founder, Chess Media Group

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Fuel the Speed of Innovation: Top 5 Ways to Inspire Collaboration in Your Organization