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Debunk GDPR security misconceptions

Comply with GDPR breach notification reporting

“52.8% of companies consider data security and breach notification standards to be the most important component of GDPR…”1

This statistic demonstrates that the GDPR’s 72-hour breach reporting has been well documented. But exactly when does the 72-hour clock start ticking?

Many organizations are aware of the deadline, but are unaware that the clock starts ticking the moment they become aware of the breach and not when the breach occurs.

The GDPR is full of detailed requirements. What else could you be misinterpreting?

Read GDPR Myths & Misconceptions, a white paper by think tank Information Governance Initiative (IGI), to learn about the 7 key concepts confusing organizations in the looming global privacy law.

To learn more about how to prepare for security breaches and remediate, read:


1SC media. Preparing for the GDPR. Survey, Glendale, California: Walker Research Solutions. 2017.

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