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The Information Advantage is improving patient outcomes

Simplify unified process collaboration and compliance

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One of the greatest challenges for life sciences companies that bring a developed drug from research and development through to market is ensuring required regulatory documentation is complete, accurate and controlled in accordance with each phase of the drug’s lifecycle. This requires a coordinated effort across the enterprise, supported by an integrated content management system to meet goals for efficiency, cost control and productivity.

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Breaking Down Information Silos

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Ensure complete, accurate and carefully controlled documentation for each phase of a developed drug’s lifecycle
  • Eliminate process breakdown in the handoff of information from one domain to another with a unified solution layer
  • Seamlessly link content between business domains to drive efficiency and reduce compliance risk
White paper: Breaking Down Information Silos

Gain control of regulated content

As well as needing to comply with various regulations and compliance frameworks, we also need to protect our intellectual property as we grow. This means we must have a scalable, secure and compliant solution to capture, store, track and retrieve our documentation. We could no longer rely on paper and passing documents around to staff one by one to gather signatures, which was both ineffective and non-compliant.

Leo Sun, associate IT director at Ascentage Pharma

Bringing safe, high-quality products to market faster and at a lower cost requires unifying processes that extend across domains, divisions and external partners.

Companies can unlock the Information Advantage of improving patient outcomes by breaking down information silos and creating a single authoritative source for regulated content across the organization and extended network.

Download the white paper to learn more.