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Elevate lab and imaging outreach with enhanced integration capabilities

The digital transformation of healthcare affects all areas of patient care. While electronic medical records (EMRs) have greatly enhanced a clinician’s ability to manage care delivery and patient charting, key requirements, including the EMR’s ability to support low click and error-free test ordering, the timely receipt of results directly into the EMR and the ability for patients to see their results in a user-friendly format, must also be considered.

At the same time the lab or imaging center wants rapid, fully functional and consistent connectivity to their base of customers.

Interoperability is the exception and not the rule, leaving clinicians and diagnostic services struggling to find ways to uniformly connect.

Find out how lab outreach through OpenText™ Alloy™ Platform for Healthcare relieves the burden of connecting to a growing number of physician practices and clinics, allowing resources to focus on the clinical work and not technology enablement.

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