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Staying number one is job number one: Powering Operational Excellence

“The global process industry loses $20 billion, or 5% of annual production, due to unscheduled downtime, with an average hourly cost of about $12,500”

—ARC Advisory Group

There are many obstacles to achieving operational excellence: ever-increasing volumes of drawings, documents, and data; intense regulatory compliance requirements; and a mobile workforce comprised of diverse functions, including engineers, technicians, operators, and suppliers. The good news is that the right solution can integrate asset information management into your day-to-day tasks, and optimize your asset operations and maintenance with in-process collaboration.

Asset Information Management from OpenText manages all types of asset-related information to deliver an accurate, complete, and trusted single source of truth. We tear down the barriers between business functions and information silos, organizing information by facets such as functional location, equipment, material master, and vendor. The result is increased asset uptime and integrity,  ensuring your workforce has easy access to the latest available information when and where they need it.

Learn how OpenText is leading Anglian Water to operational excellence in their video.

Interested in learning more? Download the Anglian Water case study from PennEnergy: Improving Operational Excellence with Enterprise Asset Information Management

You'll learn:

  • The utility industry's top challenges and trends related to enterprise asset information management
  • How OpenText integrates with SAP and Microsoft to extend your core applications' capabilities even further
  • How Anglian Water significantly decreased its asset information management efforts while increasing the amount of its managed content

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Improving Operational Excellence with Enterprise Asset Information Management