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Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

Taking ultimate control and increasing visibility across the bigger picture

Digital transformation is overhauling today’s businesses. With the introduction of increasingly intelligent technologies, the day-to-day automation of manual tasks offers the possibility of reducing costs, improving quality and increasing efficiency.

The Oil and Gas sector has been greatly impacted by these changes. The sector not only has huge amounts of data to handle but must also compete with a particularly competitive and unpredictable environment, from identifying a gas leak to initiating the maintenance process.

While the majority of Oil and Gas professionals see digitization as a potential boon to asset integrity and maintenance, digital transformation is more than adding a new suite of tools or upgrading legacy systems.

Download the Digital transformation for Oil and Gas, white paper and infographic, to see the results of a recent Oil & Gas IQ study, sponsored by OpenText. The survey highlights the main considerations of Oil and Gas professionals when pursuing digital transformation.

Learn about topics, such as:

  • Oil and Gas organizations’ priorities, readiness and current stage of the digital transformation journey
  • Asset management systems integration with capital/ brownfield project systems
  • Legacy system challenges and how to avoid miscommunication and data conflict
  • Cloud adoption and improved security of sensitive information
  • The right cultural effort and decision makers behind transformation

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