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Transform raw information into meaningful intelligence

Information is the most valuable untapped resource in any enterprise today. Organizations accumulate volumes of information. Buried within it, resides a wealth of strategic insights to drive innovation and unlock competitive advantage.

The strategic use of information is a key differentiator for any business enterprise. It can be leveraged to improve real-time and long-term decision making in streamlining operations, to better understand and target customers, and to identify new markets and revenue opportunities. Analytics is the next frontier in a company's ability to pull value from information.

OpenText™ Business Intelligence, a module within eDOCS, allows users to access and analyze information stored in transactional databases. Its comprehensive query and reporting solution allows you to question the value of your business data and appropriate it accordingly.


  • Intuitive query and reporting tool for both advanced and “consumer-level” users
  • Easy access to critical business information to support strategic and tactical decision-making
  • Clear insight into business conditions to increase organizational agility
  • Accurate and timely information to make informed decisions that impact customers, sales and profit growth opportunities, and business operations
  • Full leverage of enterprise data for a competitive advantage — uncover trends, streamline inefficiencies, and expose new opportunities

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What’s Inside Your eDOCS DM? Gain Insights with OpenText™ Business Intelligence