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Celebrate innovation on our anniversary

Get mobile access to your D2 content for $1/month

The simplicity to browse, access, review, and approve D2-based content available for $1/month for each user.

In the year since Documentum joined the OpenText™ family, we’ve strengthened our commitment to advancing the Documentum product line and generating more value for the customers that rely on it.

As part of that, we are leveraging OpenText content services in the cloud to deliver D2 Mobile - a dedicated mobile client for D2.

And there’s never been a better time to leverage its simplicity to browse, access, review, and approve D2-based content from any IOS device: D2 Mobile is now available for only $1/month for each user.

D2 Mobile: Securely access content anywhere and eliminate collaboration and approval bottlenecks.

Employees are more mobile than ever, often performing key tasks and making critical decisions on the go, away from their desks. The key to this productivity is access to content and information.

D2 Mobile utilizes an encrypted tunnel to connect remote users directly to your on-premises repository, ensuring secure, end-to-end access to documents and content, without having to open any ports in your firewall. You can even enable features like Touch ID authorizations for extremely sensitive content.

With one unified view of all your docs and content, users can review, approve, and complete tasks quickly and simply.

Take a few minutes to discover more about D2 Mobile and get connected today!

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