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Realize the value of advanced analytics software

Supercharge your applications with cognitive AI capabilities

Organizations are looking to be more competitive in the market and achieve their goals. Using new advanced technologies, they are finding ways to accelerate marketing velocity, increase sales, better understand and serve customers and reduce cost and risks.

Combining automation with big data analytics and cognitive computing provides organizations access to the timely, actionable insights they need to get ahead of the competition and succeed in today's increasingly competitive digital economy.

With Magellan, OpenText has combined its structured analytics (Actuate) and unstructured analytics and extraction (InfoFusion) with popular open source components including Hadoop, Spark, Spark ML,and Jupyter. The integration of these technologies makes it easy for business users to create, modify, and run machine learning models and enables organizations to take full advantage of the innovation in open source machine learning.

IDC Perspective

Read the IDC Perspective to learn how platforms, such as OpenText™ Magellan, can dramatically improve your analytics by leveraging AI.

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IDC Perspective 2018