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Get a competitive edge in real world operations with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to unlocking the power of data and gaining a competitive edge. In fact, 53% of enterprise executives say that AI will be of critical strategic importance in next two years.1

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AI systems can ingest and evaluate vast amounts of virtually any kind of customer-related information at lightning speed. From automation and analytics to disaster management and digital assistants, AI systems are delivering the business intelligence that boosts the bottom line in every part of today’s enterprise.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with social listening and intelligent recommendations

Read Artificial Intelligence in the Real World to get insights on a practical use case relevant to every enterprise. The white paper offers tips on:

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World
  • Using AI-powered platforms to understand and cultivate loyal customers.
  • Eight ways AI recommendation systems pay off in retention, sales and customer influencing.
  • Leveraging data mining for realtime customer feedback to boost product quality and beat out the competition.
  • Getting recommendation systems up and running fast with practically no development.

AI powered platforms: The key to delivering exceptional customer experiences

Eighty-eight percent of surveyed marketers say they’ve realized a measurable lift in business results from their personalization campaigns.2 But, powerful as it is, personalization is only part of the story. To give customers what they want, organizations must be able to listen to them. That is where AI-powered social listening and recommendations systems come in.

Social listening AI systems extract and tabulate feedback from relevant social media posts in combination with other customer data. Armed with these insights, businesses can instantly correct a problem or seize an advantage over competitors.

AI-powered recommendation systems take the next step, digesting available data to learn customers’ preferences and then automatically delivering highly relevant content and offers. Netflix estimates it has saved $1 billion USD a year in lost sales by having AI recommend movies to customers.3

See how these two AI technologies changed the game in this Financial Services use case—Read Artificial Intelligence in the Real World.

How AI business intelligence fuels the digital race for winning enterprises

In a recent survey, enterprise executives said AI is already helping them make better decisions, optimize their operations and improve their products.4

diagram - Positive ROI

8 in 10 surveyed execs claim positive ROI from their AI efforts5

diagram - Insight and innovation

78% say AI can empower better decisions and fuel new ways of working6

diagram - Easy spin-up

60% streamline their AI journey with “out of the box” enterprise software7

Businesses run on data and it is estimated that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day.8 Artificial Intelligence in the Real World shows how transforming that data into timely, actionable insights offers a powerful competitive edge.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

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