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OpenText Cloud Security Services

Ensure the security of Cloud solutions

Cloud SEcurity Services

With its commitment and expertise in cloud security and privacy, Enterprises trust OpenText to manage their business-critical
applications and information.

Security is at the heart of OpenText’s cloud architecture and practices. Customers have long used OpenText solutions to store the business-critical data they rely on to operate their business. Moving content and the applications that manage it to the cloud, places a high level of responsibility and trust on OpenText, its operational staff and facilities. Every aspect of OpenText’s cloud solutions, from staff background checks and security training, physical infrastructure to network configuration and application architecture, is designed with security in mind.

OpenText™ EnCase™ security software

An unmatched forensic security solution, EnCase offers complete visibility to address real business problems. The solution includes everything needed to manage data visibility, reveal risk, discover malware and empower response. Find information, no matter where itis buried, with EnCase.

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