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It’s no wonder organizations are eager to get started harnessing the power of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. The potential impacts are huge: Workflow automation and improved efficiency. New ways to engage with customers, partners, and employees. Modernized IT architecture. New revenue streams. But innovation isn’t always easy. 54% of surveyed customers said their shift to AI was being held back by a lack of resources and knowledge, organized data, and products to meet use cases.[1]

Start your AI transformation journey and earn your wings with OpenText. For one flat fee, you can load up to one million documents to the OpenText™ Private Cloud and be up and running in as little as two weeks. Unlock the full potential of AI with OpenText Aviator today.

Take the guesswork out of AI

Begin your AI journey quickly and securely with a trusted partner

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    Speed time-to-value

    Cut months of prep work into weeks and quickly demonstrate ROI. Define clear objectives and use cases to form the basis for a value-driven AI strategy.

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    Gain peace of mind

    Protect your most valuable information assets as you experiment in a dedicated, managed private cloud environment with robust security measures, vigilant data governance, and LLMOps.

  • Partner with AI experts

    Access skilled AI professionals who know how to transform data into actionable insight and advisory services purpose-built to help you get the most out of your Aviator investment.

Explore endless possibilities

Experiment with AI and your own data to solve real business problems

Earn your wings
  • Private cloud sandbox

    Access a dedicated generative AI environment to quickly and easily begin testing use cases.

  • Fast deployment

    Take advantage of pre-built reference architecture and packaged AI components to get up and running in as little as two weeks.

  • Trusted data

    Adhere to all data security and compliance standards for your industry in the OpenText Private Cloud.

  • AI-led transformation

    Convert data into insights and decisive actions to address key challenges and drive advanced business outcomes.

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Earn your wings with OpenText

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  1. [1]OpenText Research September 2023: Enterprise Customer AI Preferences