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OpenText Content Suite 16

A next-generation content services platform that provides the infrastructure for secure, dependable management of content throughout its lifecycle—without compromising usability and productivity.

OpenText Content Suite 16 is the leader in a new generation of content services platforms designed to facilitate and manage the flow of information across the enterprise. Content Suite 16 provides the infrastructure for secure, dependable management of content throughout its lifecycle— without compromising usability and productivity.

By aligning content to the needs of the business, Content Suite 16 bridges the silos and communication gaps that have isolated lead applications and hindered back-office efficiency. Users are empowered with the information they need, when and where they need it. By incorporating industry-leading enterprise content management capabilities, Content Suite 16 extends transparent, automated application of governance to control and secure more structured and unstructured information than ever before.

What is new in Content Suite EP5?

  • Simple, responsive user interface

    Designed with productivity in mind, the simple and intuitive user interface for Content Suite and OpenText Extended ECM provides role-based views to relevant content. Users are empowered with fast access to frequently used content, seamless integration with productivity tools, such as Microsoft® Outlook®, secure collaboration with stakeholders both inside and outside the organization and optional integration to the process applications that drive business.

  • Simple, flexible ECM in the cloud

    Scoping, implementing and managing an ECM system is a significant undertaking for any enterprise. OpenText offers adaptable options with predictable cost models, from managed services to SaaS-based solutions, that seamlessly grow and progress with an organization. Flexible models for public, private or hybrid cloud deployment enable organizations to leverage the same governance framework used by the most bulletproof on-premises systems.

  • Content in context with Connected Workspaces

    OpenText Connected Workspaces are template-driven structures that connect content, data, people and tasks aligned to a common business purpose, while automating the application of metadata, records management and permissions. For example, a workspace may collect all information related to a specific customer deal, including proposals, emails, presentations, sales orders, contracts, invoices, to provide a single point of access for stakeholders involved in managing that opportunity.

  • Extending ECM to lead applications

    The OpenText Extended ECM Platform leverages the Smart View and Connected Workspaces to integrate content with lead applications, bridging content silos and delivering content in context for more effective business processes. In addition to the platform, solutions are available for SAP®, SuccessFactors®, Microsoft® Office 365, Salesforce®, Oracle®, government and engineering. OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks further connects content and processes via workflows that cross enterprise systems.

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