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Ease document transformation with an efficient document conversion system

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See how to automatically transform files from any format to TIFFs and PDFs

OpenText™ Blazon™ is a best-in-class document transformation software with automatic batch file conversion from original formats into PDF or TIFF. Blazon integrates with workflows and other business processes for complete, secure document lifecycle management.

Why choose OpenText Blazon?

  • Process automation

    Automate time-consuming manual processes to reduce document transformation costs and improve content accessibility.

  • Improved control and compliance

    With a robust document output API, control what users can see and do with content through the addition of banners, watermarks, and redaction capabilities.

How Blazon can benefit business

  • Streamline workflows

    Deploy enhanced directory monitoring (EDM) to easily watch folders for new documents to process.

  • Integrate seamlessly

    Automatically engage ECM, records management or other systems as part of business processes.

  • Support control and compliance

    Set security controls and other publishing criteria in OpenText Blazon document transformation software.

  • Scale to handle any workload

    Leverage a scalable and flexible architecture to deploy at any level, from the department to the data center.

  • Deliver content how and where it is needed

    Make document access easier for all workers and ensure documents are moved to a standard format for long-term preservation.


  • Automatic batch conversion

    Monitors folders for files to process or to handle batch file conversion, integrating the document transformation software with workflows managed by any content management solution.

  • Integrations to leading ECM solutions

    Offers seamless, out-of-the-box integrations from the document transformation software to ECM solutions, including OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 and OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences.

  • Bulk redaction to secure documents

    Applies redaction scripts to bulk processed documents for PII or sensitive information.

  • Document merging

    Integrates with content services platforms to easily create new documents by merging multiple files of any format. Offers the ability to drag and drop, rearrange or remove pages before publishing.

  • Defined output format

    Adds watermarks, banners or stamps as well as the capability to burn in annotations and Changemark comments created in OpenText™ Brava!.

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Frequently asked questions

OpenText Blazon supports a wide array of formats for conversion, including standard office documents, 3D models, and more, into PDF, TIFF, and CSF renditions.

Blazon automates the transformation process, ensuring consistent renditions for archiving and compliance with organizational and regulatory standards.

Yes, it offers out-of-the-box integration with major ECM solutions like OpenText Content Suite and Documentum for a streamlined workflow.

Blazon specializes in automatic batch conversion, monitoring specified folders and processing files according to your business needs.

It incorporates features like watermarking and secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) renditions to maintain document security and facilitate collaboration.

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