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OpenText Core Capture for SAP Solutions

Digitize incoming content, identify the content and automate its delivery to business processes within SAP ECC and S/4HANA

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Learn how to optimize information processing in SAP® S/4HANA with OpenText

OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® Solutions easily captures all incoming business documents in SAP ECC and S/4HANA. The innovative capture application is built around cloud-native OCR functionality and powered by an advanced machine learning engine.

Why choose OpenText Core Capture for SAP Solutions?

  • SAP Solution Extension Partnership

    Rely on quality with the only cloud capture solution developed by an ISV partner and sold by SAP, based on decades of co-development and SAP Premium Qualification testing.

  • SAP-centered activity

    Perform all configuration maintenance and storage, information extraction and machine learning within SAP.

  • Advanced integrations

    Works with OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions to further process information using preconfigured profiles with set goals for information extraction.

  • Easily configured and deployed

    SaaS application offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features with minimal configuration.

How Core Capture for SAP Solutions can benefit business

Automate the capture process for more than 90% of all incoming documents to seamlessly capture, identify and distribute incoming business documents in SAP ECC and S/4HANA

  • Simplify IT landscapes

    Eliminate the need for IT to support user issues with two different interfaces.

  • Eliminate manual data entry

    Automatically identify and classify document context and extract relevant information with a multi-phase, intelligent approach.

  • Automate data matching

    Use captured information, such as contract numbers, contact details or serial numbers of devices, to fully automate matching with master data in SAP.

  • Increase efficiency

    Automate processes and speed throughput through integration with OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions and OpenText™ Business Center for SAP® Solutions.

  • Digitize entire processes

    Eliminate costly manual intervention with an intelligent mix of preconfigured rules and Machine Learning to automatically process complex documents.

  • Leverage existing SAP data

    Full SAP integration utilizes past transactions and related information to enhance recognition rates and add context during the capture process.


  • Multi-tenant SaaS

    Runs on the OpenText™ OT2 platform and is fully maintained by OpenText, eliminating the need for complex installs and disruptive system updates.

  • Advanced machine learning

    Leverages a patent-pending recognition algorithm to adapt and generate accurate results in the most difficult scenarios.

  • Single user interface

    Users can perform all configuration operations directly within SAP.

  • Pre-trained neural networks

    Offers high-level character recognition out-of-the-box, which automatically learns and improves with each document processed.

  • Multilingual support

    Supports 60+ different languages and more than 100 different country-specific formats.

  • Preconfigured for SAP documents

    Includes pre-defined configurations for most SAP-related documents.

  • Knowledge base

    Complements machine learning capabilities with a knowledge base built through years of experience and thousands of scenarios.

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