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The Information Advantage is delivering the next 100 years of energy

The power of AI helping the energy industry increase efficiency

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Unforeseen asset and equipment downtime in the energy industry can disrupt operations and damage customer satisfaction.

Predictive maintenance:

Increases productivity1

25% Increases productivity graphic

Reduces breakdowns2

70% Reduces breakdowns graphic

Lowers maintenance costs3

25% Lowers maintenance costs graphic

Download the eBook

Operating Like Clockwork

Download Operating like clockwork: How asset performance optimization and predictive maintenance maximize production output and the infographic, How to thrive in today’s volatile energy industry, to learn how:

  • Predictive maintenance uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze information and provide insight that improves equipment performance and reliability and maximizes the operating efficiency of key assets such as pumps, pipelines and substations
  • AI maximizes operational output and optimizes decision making
Operating Like Clockwork eBook