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It’s all about integrity: Improving Operational Integrity

The lifecycle of the assets that power your business is never going to be linear. Throughout the life of an asset, there will be many changes in the form of routine maintenance, production optimization, and shutdown-turnaround projects.

Ensuring the optimal performance and integrity of assets from capital projects through maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) requires that enterprises effectively manage revisions to the complex myriad of asset information.  Guaranteeing that drawings, documents, and data are synchronized and up-to-date is a crucial foundation for operational integrity.

OpenText Asset Information Management solutions can help you bridge the gap between structured data and unstructured content for assets and MRO processes. By creating a single source of truth for asset operators, OpenText can improve operational integrity and better manage master data, engineering documentation, vendors, and materials under controlled and auditable processes. 

View the webinar on demand, achieving operational excellence through improved asset information governance, to learn:

  • How to improve the accuracy, quality, and completeness of master data about your assets, materials, and vendors   
  • The ways in which enhanced information management solutions address the complexities of asset integrity management
  • The benefits in-process collaboration and information management offer for asset integrity management

View the Webinar on Demand

Achieving Operational Integrity through Improved Asset Information Governance

Presented by

Rob Gascho

Rob Gascho,
Industry Analyst, Energy Sector,
OpenText Corporation

 Michael V. Jordan

Michael V. Jordan, P.E.
Global Director of EAM Practice, 
Utopia, Inc