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Build a more collaborative business with the latest social strategies

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The act of business is inherently social, yet there are many benefits to becoming a true social business that is more collaborative, driven by dialogue, and market-aware. Leading organizations are placing more emphasis on connecting people with each other and with their data in a secure, compliant environment in order to drive collaboration.

Where are innovative companies focusing their social investments in 2014 to make this vision a reality? And how are organizations empowering teams to fuel productivity through open, transparent dialogues and the sharing of content in a safe, complaint way?

Fill out the form to watch the replay of Part 1 of the Fuel the Speed of Innovation webinar series:  Employing Social Strategies to Build a Collaborative Business. You’ll hear what the experts are saying about the latest in social business trends.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to think about social maturity as a state model rather than a linear path
  • How to leverage local ‘actors and evangelists’ to focus investments and fit them to differing roles and cultures
  • The shortest path to connect people to experts and information, encourage sharing and creating dialogues to deliver more insights to more users


Featured Speakers:

Allen Bonde, Partner & Principal Analyst,
Digital Clarity Group


Kimberly Edwards, Senior Product Marketing Manager,
Customer Experience Management, OpenText

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Part 2: Supporting Collaboration without Compromising Security

Part 3: Top 5 Ways to Inspire Collaboration in Your Organization

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Fuel the Speed of Innovation: Employing Social Strategies to Build a Collaborative Business