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Customer Stories

City of Edmonton logo

City of Edmonton

Overall, Web Solutions allows us greater control over what goes on the Web site. The training time is much faster, increasing efficiencies. It allows us to get information out much quicker and to attract more people to the Web site. It’s much cheaper to have 24/7 delivery via the Web than on the phones.

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Product: OpenText Web Site Management

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pinellas County logo

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Pinellas County

We've been more efficient because we're doing the same amount of work, even a greater amount of work with less people. And we're effective because people are getting their files quicker and getting their orders in a more timely manner.

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Product: OpenText Case360

Metro Vancouver logo

Metro Vancouver

If I compare OpenText to our previous platform, it is a far more flexible product and the user experience is much better. We're very happy with our decision to switch to OpenText.

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Products: OpenText Content Server , OpenText Document Management , OpenText Records Management

City of Amsterdam Development Corporation (OGA) logo

City of Amsterdam Development Corporation (OGA)

We envisage that other workers from the city of Amsterdam will soon also be able to use the system and that we will share DOCwerker with other organisations within the municipality. Then everyone will be able to enjoy the benfits of a well-archived document system.

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Products: OpenText Content Server , OpenText Document Management , OpenText Records Management

City of Atlanta, Department of Watershed Management logo

City of Atlanta, Department of Watershed Management

Before documents were stored in boxes, and we didn’t do a very good job of managing those documents from a records management standpoint. For most of our regular everyday users, the key benefit is being able to retrieve documents quickly and easily.

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Products: OpenText Document Management , OpenText Records Management

Melbourne Water logo

Melbourne Water

OpenText Records Management allows us to manage both our physical and electronic files through our destruction program. This allows us to request and process obligations but also respond to requests from our public records office and meet those obligations and compliance needs as well.

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Products: OpenText Content Server , OpenText Document Management , OpenText Records Management

City and County of San Francisco, Human Services Agency logo

City and County of San Francisco, Human Services Agency

The OpenText Document Management system has enabled us to change our business process entirely.

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Product: OpenText Document Management

Dorset County Council logo

Dorset County Council

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved here at Dorset County Council with our information management strategy, but we couldn’t have done it without the help and assistance of the OpenText solution. We have taken the opportunity with OpenText and other product users to work in partnership to develop a product that can deliver both improved services and efficiency savings,

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Product: OpenText Accounts Payable for PeopleSoft Enterprise

City of Surrey logo

City of Surrey

The new site offers people the chance to quickly find and consume the information they are looking for. The community feedback has been very positive.

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Product: OpenText Web Site Management

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) logo

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

We have to provide specific information, which must be easy to find -- a task that OpenText Semantic Navigation performs to perfection.

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Products: OpenText Content Analytics , OpenText Semantic Navigation , OpenText Web Site Management

Oakland County logo

Oakland County

I would say probably 30 percent of my time has been freed up by using the OpenText system, and that's substantial.

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Product: OpenText Media Management On Demand

Minden-Ravensburg/Lippe Data Center Logo

Minden-Ravensburg/Lippe Data Center (KRZ)

Since the processing of incoming and outgoing invoices has been managed by OpenText, the time required has reduced by 25% and the volume of incoming invoices can be handled by fewer employees.

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Product: OpenText Process Management

St. Lucie County  logo

St. Lucie County

Over the years, Web Site Management has saved me tons of time and I've seen others become ecstatic about using it.

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Product: OpenText Web Site Management

Buncombe County logo

Buncombe County

There is no more duplication, the amount of work has been greatly reduced, and we no longer miss documents. As a rule, documents don’t get lost and departments have the right information. We can’t imagine not having an electronic document management system now.

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Products: OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition , OpenText Records Management, eDOCS Edition

Calgary Police Service logo

Calgary Police Service

CPS identified accessibility, security of data, ease of implementation, and reliability as the key factors for a document management system. The City of Calgary did a product scan and identified OpenText Content Server as the preferred product. Other systems were evaluated, but our research showed that Content Server was the best fit.

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Products: OpenText Content Server , OpenText Document Management , OpenText Records Management

Essex Police logo

Essex Police

From a pure policing perspective, OpenText Business Intelligence has allowed the user to order, sort, and filter results to whatever combination they require. By extracting data in this way and transporting it to other analysis systems, it allows us to more easily identify geographical hotspots of crime and serial offending, ultimately helping us reduce offences and provide a safer environment for the residents we serve.

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Product: OpenText Business Intelligence

West Yorkshire Police logo

West Yorkshire Police

The solution was very easy to learn, and after receiving a small number of short training sessions no one in the department wanted to go back to the old system.

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Product: OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition

Mid Devon District Council logo

Mid Devon District Council

Overall, Mid Devon is very happy with OpenText eDOCS RKYV CSP. The system is robust and its flexibility has enabled us to continue meeting government efficiency targets

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Product: OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint

Lancashire County Council logo

Lancashire County Council

The implementation has revolutionised the way we are able to manage information and support a more flexible workforce.

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Product: OpenText Content Lifecycle Management, RKYV Edition

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