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Every interaction with the public is an opportunity to positively connect, elevate services and make interactions more efficient and relevant. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all service models are no longer viable and are slowing agencies’ ability to broaden their service reach and impact.

With a Digital Experience Platform for Cities solution, governments can transform citizen services, delivering omnichannel communications that drive timely action and creating consistent experiences across departments, branches and the agency as a whole.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Increase citizen trust and satisfaction

    Meet or exceed citizen expectations by delivering the right services at the right time.

  • Deliver frictionless citizen experiences

    Remove complexity, increase transparency and reduce delays through omnichannel management.

  • Adapt to residents’ changing needs

    Gain a holistic view of the customer journey to better address citizen preferences and adapt services based on feedback.

  • Speed and scale service reach

    Support streamlined customer operations with improved accessibility and self-service options across agencies, platforms and devices.

  • Improve collaboration with outside groups

    Proactively and securely share information with municipalities’ partner agencies and authorized external groups.

  • Optimize communications

    Send citizens proactive, personalized and secure communications based on their unique government interactions.

Business impacts

  • Customer experience

    When a citizen contacts their municipality, they expect prompt and accurate service. Data silos can slow response times or result in incorrect or incomplete information provided. Gain full visibility across systems and analytics to optimize service.
  • Process improvement

    Citizen insights are crucial to improving processes. With details about their interactions spread across multiple sources, it can be hard to identify pain points and make improvements. Enable direct lines of feedback and measurement-based processes.

  • Service access

    Today’s citizens expect effective, real-time support without having to come to physical locations. When digital options are not available, they become frustrated. Introduce self-service, digital capabilities to improve satisfaction and reduce costs.
  • Workforce efficiency

    Municipal workforces strive to efficiently meet citizens’ needs. Yet, due to budget cuts and staffing challenges, they struggle to do more with less and response times slow. Automate routine and repetitive processes to boost productivity.

  • Citizen communications

    Governments need to quickly inform citizens of updates to program policies and requirements. Overly complex systems and the need for IT involvement can delay delivery and damage citizen trust. Allow non-technical employees to send communications.

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