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Digital Recordkeeping for Government

Intelligently scan, sort, and digitize paper records into public sector workflows

Federal transition to electronic records

Government Recordkeeping

Government organizations continue to work with paper documents, which contributes to slower response times, input errors, and lack of support for a seamless hybrid work environment. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has issued memorandum M-23-07, which establishes a fast-approaching deadline for all US federal agencies to convert to digital electronic records, but beyond that, cities, states, and global governments face similar digital recordkeeping challenges.

By leveraging the latest AI-fueled technology and cybersecurity parameters, public sector agencies can safely and efficiently digitize their paper documents using FedRAMP-authorized OpenText™ Digital Recordkeeping for Government.

The benefits of digital government transformation

Intelligently digitize and manage public sector records with security and compliance at the forefront.

  • Intelligently capture data

    Scan paper records using AI and machine learning tools to automatically route content where it needs to go.

  • Automatically archive information

    Leverage auto-archive functionality tied to government records retention schedules.

  • Enhance analytics and searchability

    Find needed information quickly—regardless of storage and records format—and detect trends and patterns in real time.

  • Boost interoperability

    Leverage cloud-native software to aid interoperability with other public sector enterprise systems. Key components have been fully authorized in the FedRAMP marketplace.

  • Get built-in security

    Protect government records from hackers—keep digital records secure by leveraging a cybersecurity platform that complies with a zero-trust environment.

  • Out-of-the-box compliance

    Meet stringent government records management standards, such as Department of Defense Directive 8180.01 and Instruction 5015.02

Business impacts

  • Improved employee experiences

    Government agencies need easy access to records to deliver services efficiently. Working with physical records slows work and increases errors. Digitize paper records to allow public servants to work efficiently regardless of where they log in.

  • Protection against data loss

    Safely maintaining records within government agencies is critical. Paper archives can be lost or destroyed by fire, flood or other natural disasters. Digitize records to ensure the public sector mission continues—no matter what.

  • Better collaboration

    Government agencies must work closely across departments. Working across various systems limits collaboration and can create document confusion. Support cross-agency and cross-platform information sharing with a single source of truth.

  • Reduced technical debt

    IT departments aim to enable initiatives that simplify high-impact citizen services. The time and costs required to manage and maintain legacy systems limits their capacity. Reduce technical debt with digital recordkeeping. 

  • Government cybersecurity

    Public sector agencies must compliantly manage sensitive and personal data within records. Dealing with physical records increases security risks and noncompliance. Securely manage records throughout their lifecycle with digitized records.

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