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Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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See how to automate Marketing Cloud assets with OpenText Media Management

The OpenText™ Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud increases marketing team productivity and efficiency. Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a library of approved rich media content from within Content Builder to enable users to rapidly create impactful campaigns and communications.

Why choose OpenText Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  • Collaboration across departments

    Make it easier to share, collaborate and learn what works in all channels of customer engagement.

  • Best-in-class synergy

    Connect Salesforce and OpenText, two platforms with class-leading capability, for every element needed to grow and succeed.

Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud benefits

Discover the advantages of using Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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  • Create powerful campaigns

    Empower marketers to create more inspiring and engaging campaigns through access to a wider variety of rich media.

  • Protect brands

    Avoid the use of off-brand, unapproved and expired content through simple and powerful access control and approval processes.

  • Reduce duplication

    Ensure a single source of truth and avoid unnecessary duplication in other systems or local drives.

  • Increase productivity

    Leverage AI services, automated workflows and asset performance insights to assist marketers.


  • Global content availability

    Allows authorized users to search, browse, view, download and use digital media content from within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, connected and synchronized to all approved content stored in Media Management.
  • Powerful metadata-driven search

    Enables marketers to find the right asset every time with faceted search and asset collections, including by journey stage, performance in previous campaigns, target persona and industry relevance.

  • Single sign-on

    Integrates into the OpenText Directory Services environment to ensure a seamless access experience for users.
  • Easy collaboration

    Establishes an integrated content supply chain with built-in collaboration capabilities and integrations to Adobe® Creative Cloud®, Microsoft® Office and the OpenText Experience Cloud.

  • Room for everything

    Stores all kinds of digital files, including images, video, 3D models, documents and design files and has been proven to handle petabyte-class libraries without slowing down.

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