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OpenText Capture for Microsoft® SharePoint®

OpenText Capture for Microsoft® SharePoint® is an easy-to-use scan and capture solution for Microsoft SharePoint. Capture for SharePoint leverages SharePoint as the seamless single point of access to scanned images and documents. The solution allows organizations to scan documents with high or low volume scanners, easily index documents and ingest them into SharePoint and extend with document classification if required. Documents may also be imported from email servers, FTP servers, network file shares, and even from SharePoint itself.

Organizations can leverage the common SharePoint interface to find, access, collaborate and edit content after it has been scanned and stored in SharePoint. With index data captured together with the document, using OpenText Single Click Entry technology, the documents will be well organized inside SharePoint. The documents can now be easily searched and retrieved as they are stored as searchable PDFs.

Capture for SharePoint can further increase user satisfaction by getting inbound documents into a collaborative environment faster. Documents such as forms and faxes can be quickly and efficiently captured and digitized from numerous sources and connected to new or existing workflows and processes within your organization. By routing incoming documents through a single input channel, the OpenText solution can reduce transactional operating costs through process automation. Organizations can further minimize compliance risks by controlling incoming documents and connecting them with processes and workflows as soon as they enter the organization.


OpenText Capture for Microsoft SharePoint is a standalone solution that offers the following features:

  • Leverage the SharePoint experience: Capture documents and utilize SharePoint as the document destination. Easily search for and view captured content through SharePoint’s simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Automatically index scanned documents: Leverage Single-Click-Entry to load index values directly from SharePoint for simplified search and management.
  • Full OCR capabilities: Utilize Optical Character Recognition capabilities to validate and improve the quality of the documents being captured.
  • Capture from numerous sources:  Capture from devices such as: multifunctional printers, high-end scanning devices, file system folders, email servers, servers, and File Transfer Protocol sites and SharePoint.
  • Extend to process automation:  Captured content can be easily integrated into existing processes and workflows
  • Support ad-hoc to large scale centralized capture: Ability to scale up and down to support the specific requirements of small businesses to the largest enterprise.