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OpenText Media Management Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Overview

The OpenText Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud increases productivity and efficiency for all marketing teams. With easy access to OpenText Media Management (OTMM) through Content Builder, users can more quickly design their customer-facing campaigns.

As business grows so does the need to communicate with customers better, faster and more consistently than ever before. Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud helps teams stay customer-centric.


With Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud organizations can:

  • Save time: Use the search and browse capabilities to quickly locate rich media content.
  • Improve consistency: Access to server-side media transformations provides SFMC users with pre-rendered content for all-channel delivery.
  • Reduce errors: Ensure SFMC business users only have access to approved content with metadata and security policies.
  • Avoid duplication: Leverage a central, single-source DAM.
  • Search and reuse content: Use AI applied metadata and powerful advanced search capabilities.

The tight integration through Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud enables the creation and launch of marketing campaigns more quickly while ensuring brand consistency across the organization and saving users time.

In today's digital marketplace, the customer is empowered like never before. Organizations need to exploit every opportunity to communicate clearly and consistently across every channel and medium.

OpenText™ Media Management, a central foundation for the digital enterprise, helps large organizations manage video, images, and rich media, from creation to consumption. With a powerful yet simple to use interface, Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud helps users add assets into their Marketing Cloud authored campaign, without leaving the Salesforce User interface.

Discover and use assets

Authorized users can search, browse, view, download and use assets from within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, connected and synchronized to Media Management. Metadata can be utilized to identify assets by journey stage, while users benefit from faceted search and asset collections to choose the right asset every time!

Single sign-on

Media Management Connector for Salesforce® Marketing Cloud integrates into the OpenText Directory Services environment to ensure a seamless access experience for users.

Additional platform power

Media Management’s ability to interconnect and integrate with other production, marketing and business technologies is a significant differentiator demonstrated in many integrated partner solutions.

Company assets are safeguarded and governed through the use of metadata and security policies within Media Management. Additional rights-clearance capabilities can be achieved with the addition of FADEL Rights Cloud integration.

Media Management also has support for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe desktop production tools.