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OpenText Content Access for eDOCS

Access content stored in your eDOCS document repository directly from within the context of workflow approval screens and third-party applications

In today’s digital world, business operations need to run like clockwork─fast and efficiently. Information needs to flow securely and seamlessly across business processes. Unfortunately, not all business processes are connected or integrated end-to-end. As a result, users are required to look up data and manually enter it into their primary application or workflow. This constant look up and re-keying is cumbersome, time consuming, and error prone.

OpenText™ Content Access for eDOCS streamlines the flow of information across business processes by eliminating the need for users to look up and re-key information. It allows users to access content stored in their eDOCS document repository directly from within workflow approval screens and third-party applications, such as billing and time management, ERP, CRM, or matter-specific business applications.

By accessing “content within the context of their business process” users get the information they need to complete transactions and make rapid, information-fueled decisions.


  • Increase productivity – Access content directly from ERP and other primary third-party application screens; no need to switch back and forth between applications or to re-key information.
  • No coding required – Automatically perform extended searches of the eDOCS repository based on data values scraped from the primary application.
  • Minimize Re-Keying Errors – Automatic entry of information into business processes and third-party application screens minimizes re-keying errors.
  • Single Source of the Truth – Ensure all processes pulling the same information in eDOCS access consistent and up-to-date information (single, synchronized source of truth).
  • Reduce cost per transaction – Direct access to all documents anytime, anywhere, from any enabled process speeds data entry and reduces processing time.

Key Features

  • Third party application support via HTML browser client (Internet Explorer). Client-side install only; no server-side software installation required.
  • Context-centric interaction between a process or transaction and its associated content within the eDOCS document repository. 
  • Identify third-party applications’ HTML/MBPM screen and “content enable” the user interface with a document retrieval icon.
  • Scrape data values off the primary application screen and use it as an index search parameter [invoke a programmatic (API) query to eDOCS] to retrieve a list of matching documents stored in the eDOCS repository.
  • Log in, authenticate, and launch the eDOCS viewer to display content from the match pane window.


Learn more about the Content Access for eDOCS features and benefits.

 OpenText Content Access for eDOCS Product Overview