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OpenText Optimost

OpenText Optimost is an optimization platform that uses analytics, experimentation, and OpenText expertise to maximize the value of your websites, mobile experiences, and campaigns.

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Success Story: Kiva, a San Francisco-based nonprofit founded in 2005, seeks to help alleviate poverty across the globe through online lending. Watch how OpenText Optimost helps Kiva improve the way it connects lenders with borrowers, and how real-time data shows them what works on their website, and what doesn’t.

Use our self-service platform or tap our seasoned managed services team to build a more effective marketing optimization – also known as conversion rate optimization (CRO) – program.

Create engaging, frictionless interactions to meet and exceed your marketing goals. Test and improve your personalization, geo-targeting, segmentation, design, and asset choices. Leverage actionable insights to better understand the behavior of your customers and site visitors, and address any weaknesses or areas of opportunity in the conversion funnel.

The Optimost SaaS platform gives you the ability to:

  • Make your experiences more personal, and fine-tune your online audience segments and targets
  • Quickly create and run experiments with our simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Analyze reports based on KPIs relevant to your business

The Optimost Managed Services team helps you grow a program that maximizes returns by providing:

  • Strategic plans tailored to your objectives
  • Experienced technical resources
  • Advanced data analytics capabilities
  • Continuous training and support

Watch Optimost How-to Videos

See how a fictional marketer – "Jim" – uses OpenText Optimost to optimize digital campaigns for his company "Quest Air."

Create and launch a quick test
Discover, build, and target audiences
Get results and insights

Choice Hotels logo

Choice Hotels

We are able to work with the Optimost professional services team on an ongoing basis. We learned how we could use our internal resources to supplement the resources that Optimost provided. We have a great collaborative relationship.

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Product: OpenText Optimost

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The Optimost Managed Service experts put it head and shoulders above the competition.

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Product: OpenText Optimost

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OpenText Optimost gives us the speed and versatility to make changes to our websites and test them very quickly. We can react to trading conditions in a speedy manner and with confidence that things will be implemented and delivered successfully.

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Product: OpenText Optimost

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My goal at Kiva is to connect borrowers and lenders as quickly and efficiently as possible. Optimost has met that challenge of making it easy for us to implement website changes and then easy for us to work with our product team to build out tests and get results quickly.

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Product: OpenText Optimost

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National Rail Enquiries

Our websites are always changing, so we always need to test new developments to see if they are viable. It’s an ongoing process because you can never rest with optimization, and OpenText Optimost is absolutely central to this.

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Product: OpenText Optimost

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