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OpenText WebReports

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To gain business insight key decision makers need a complete, simplified, and contextual overview of the organization's structured and unstructured content. OpenText WebReports provides a straightforward, yet powerful capability that allows you to create a centralized view of all information from the Content Server repository. It presents a comprehensive picture of the enterprise for enhancing business operations and process-based applications.

A popular Content Server add-on module, OpenText WebReports aggregates information for customizable reporting dashboards and provides an integration framework for Content Server. Compiling information into user-friendly, role-centric views, WebReports enables users to configure common interfaces with a "tag and template approach", rich scripting language for easy develoment, and no need for OScript coding by end users.

Why Choose OpenText WebReports?

OpenText WebReports delivers the following benefits:

  • Drives workflows with at-a-glance, easy to understand reporting and notifications
  • Simplifies business processes with role and device-based views, in-line editing of metadata, and other common interface paradigms including tabbed and tree views of content
  • Automated or on demand reporting and dashboards with the ability to query information from a variety of sources including structured databases, search query results, documents, etc.
  • Increased flexibility with a reduced amount of development (easy-to-create custom interfaces with standard HTML, CSS3, AJAX)
  • Fast, less expensive maintenance of ECM implementations

What OpenText WebReports Can Do For You

  • Develop extensions to the system using standard HTML templates: Create and quickly deploy custom business interfaces without any background in OScript with the tag and template concept and standard HTML
  • Enhance business operations with reporting insight: Easily create custom dashboards with report-driven content; use content and query results together with workflows to drive powerful automated business processes
  • Visualize data for improved analysis: Provide content analysis at a glance through charts, graphs, and tabbed views of common sets of data

OpenText WebReports brings together your enterprise information from multiple sources to provide detailed reporting, role-based dashboards, and a comprehensive look at your organization's structured and unstructured data. Delight your information workers and decision makers with the following features built to support their everyday workflows and processes.

OpenText WebReports features include the following:


Reports and Dashboards: Transform enterprise data into attractive branded documents, dashboards, and reports. Deliver these on demand to the user interface, or open directly in applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Automate business process: Bring structured and unstructured information together and easily drive processes for managing creation, modification, and publication.

Customized implementations and applications: Develop custom experiences, processes, and full applications using industry standard tools such as HTML5 and Javascript, tags, and templates.

Discover more about how OpenText WebReports can enable you to gain a comprehensive look at your business operations, information, and process-based applications with the following demo:

Resonate KT is now OpenText

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