OpenText Blazon for IBM Solutions

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OpenText Blazon for IBM Solutions automates time-consuming manual processes, taking files in practically any format and creating renditions in PDF, TIFF, or Content Sealed Format (CSF).

Blazon for IBM solutions can be tied into IBM FileNet P8 and Content Manager 8 and can work within the IBM Workplace/XT or IBM Content Navigator environments. Blazon gives organizations the flexibility to integrate into other document repository systems.

No matter the repository, no matter the platform, Blazon helps strengthen control and compliance, streamline workflows, reduce document transformation costs and improve content accessibility.

OpenText Blazon for IBM Solutions helps to:

  • Support control and compliance
  • Add document transformation to any workflow
  • Improve content accessibility
  • Broad compatibility: Take files in practically any format and produce renditions in PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E, TIFF, or CSF.
  • Produce secure files: CSF offers file expiration and other security settings.
  • Scale as needed: Multiple job processors can be used together.
  • Automatically merge or split files: Create new documents by merging or splitting documents at document ingestion.
  • Generate thumbnails: Create document thumbnails on demand or in batch.
  • Extract text for indexing: Prepare text in files for processing by another application.
  • Apply stamps, watermarks or banners: Include draft status, time stamps or other text.
  • Burn in markups: Create PDF, TIFF and CSF files with Brava!™ markups and comments.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR): Perform OCR when converting scanned documents to make the resulting PDFs text searchable.
  • Process on demand or in batch: Process files individually, monitor folders for files to process in batch or program the API to direct Blazon when to process files.