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iHub Tutorials

Our short videos will help you understand exactly how iHub brings your report designs and applications to life.

From introducing iHub basics to more advanced functionality such as Interactivity, Security and Scheduling, these short videos will help accelerate your iHub projects and application deployment. All video tutorials are based on the sample apps, dashboards, reports and sample database that ship with the latest version of iHub, Trial Edition. They take you step by step through practical exercises and are easy to understand and follow.

Effective Data Visualizations

Working with Interactive Viewer

This tutorial guides you through using Interactive Viewer to creating a personalized report, exporting the report to Excel, and then saving the modified report to OpenText Actuate iHub.

Creating a Crosstab Using Interactive Crosstabs

Create a new crosstab using OpenText Analytics Interactive Crosstabs, with this tutorial. For this exercise, you will use a data object as a data source.

Creating Users and Groups

This video tutorial shows you how to create your first users and user groups using OpenText Actuate iHub.

Securing iHub Files and Folders

Using the OpenText Actuate iHub you will learn how to create a folde, assign a user group to the folder and create a report for use in the folder.

Schedule a Report

This tutorial guides you through scheduling a report to run immediately and a second report to run every week using the OpenText Actuate iHub.

Create a New Report in Analytics Studio

For this exercise, you will use a data object as a data source and use it as a base to build an ad hoc report for a custom experience.