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OpenText AI and Analytics 16

Leverage an AI and analytics foundation that uses big data and big content insights for an information advantage

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OpenText™ Magellan™, the artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics platform, incorporates the OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and powerful, open-source big data and content analytics tools to securely derive value from all enterprise data, including text documents and social media. Using machine learning, OpenText AI and Analytics reinforces compliance, identifies and visualizes patterns, predicts trends and enhances, optimizes and automates business processes to deliver an information advantage.

What is new in OpenText Magellan 16 EP7?

Enhanced personal identifiable information (PII) identification

  • Added and improved PII identification in OpenText Magellan Text Mining, including sexual orientation detection and classification and racial or ethnic orientation, to increase support for privacy regulation, such as GDPR compliance.

Machine learning service API (OT2 compliant)

  • New OT2 compliant API service for machine learning model application makes it easier and faster to apply machine learning to small sets of data, on the fly.

New visualizations and self-service usability enhancements

Reporting Service API improvements (OT2 compliant)

  • New RESTful provisioning/broker interface API added to the existing Reporting Service API.
  • Expanded BI & Reporting REST API scope.

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