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OpenText AI and Analytics 16

A comprehensive AI and analytics platform featuring OpenText Magellan and OpenText Analytics Suite to unlock insights from big data and big content

Leverage and analyze all enterprise data, not just structured sources but text documents and social media, with OpenText Magellan, the AI-enhanced analytics platform that incorporates the OpenText Analytics Suite and powerful, open-source big data tools. OpenText technology incorporates machine learning to spot and visualize patterns, predict trends and enhance, optimize and automate business processes. EP5 is focused on enhancing the text mining features within Magellan, understand and analyze even more complex ideas and expressions in a wider range of world languages. EP5 also adds support for popular Big Data frameworks and database management systems.

What is new in Analytics EP5?

  • Improved user interface and functionality for Magellan Text Mining

    With up to 80% of an enterprise’s knowledge in unstructured data, such as written text, OpenText continues to enhance the text mining features within Magellan, putting powerful AI functionality within reach for non-technical users.

    EP5 includes a streamlined Smart UI user interface for Magellan Text Mining that uses a tile-based design for a more immediate, intuitive experience. The colorful Launchpad unifies and enhances the view of all current and recent web and social media crawlers. The Launchpad also improves the integration of different components by adding a consistent SSO (Secure Socket Layer), while increasing security with a centralized user repository and allowing restriction of access to the UIs.

  • Enhanced Big Data support

    Magellan leverages the proven distributed data storage and processing technologies of Apache Spark, Hadoop and other open source Big Data tools. In addition to the built-in Hortonworks version of the Hadoop distributed data infrastructure, EP5 adds certification for the MapR platform to accommodate customers with existing storage cluster platforms.

    EP5 includes an upgraded Apache Spark data processing repository to improve performance and provide new transformers, as well as machine learning algorithms, such as robust linear regression with Huber loss and visual prescriptive analytics, such as Pareto analysis.

  • Increased language support

    Magellan Text Mining now allows users to extract complex concepts (noun phrases) from unstructured content in Dutch and Italian, in addition to English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

  • Deeper integration into other OpenText solutions

    Magellan Text Mining is now integrated into OpenText Qfiniti and OpenText Explore workforce engagement management solutions. These solutions can more accurately provide inline summarization when transcribing speech, such as recordings of customer service calls into text, as well as analyzed caller sentiment. Magellan has also been integrated into the new reporting and analytics engine for OpenText Captiva Capture.

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