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Increase insights from data in video files with OpenText™ IDOL™ Video Analytics. Leverage AI capabilities to automatically detect, analyze, and interpret relevant content. Classify objects such as people, cars, and license plates within image and video feeds in real time.

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Key benefits of IDOL Video Analytics

Image classification

Better analysis, less effort

Image classification automatically labels part or all of an image based on built-in rules to reduce manual efforts in image analysis.

Improve image identification accuracy

Get a greater holistic understanding of image sets

Safeguard your brand’s logo

Logo, logo, where’s my logo?

Find out where, when, and how your brand’s logo is being used from sources on the web, video, and social media.

Reduce IP theft

Mitigate negative brand exposure with early awareness

Quickly detect and identify faces

Do I know you?

Automatically detect, analyze, and recognize faces in real time for security and business intelligence.

Collect, organize, and identify faces in your data quickly

Save time and money with a smaller team of analysts


Optical character recognition

Convert images of text so it can be extracted and analyzed.

Individual tracking

Identify faces from CCTV videos to track flagged individuals.

Customer segmentation

Understand the type of customers visiting different stores.

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Auckland Transport realizes safer and more efficient roads with IDOL

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