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OpenText™ IDOL™ Audio Analytics AI capabilities convert audio files into actionable analytics to gain real business intelligence. Natural language processing gives you true-to-conversation text files that can be stored and analyzed for quality assurance, topic matter, and trends in messaging.

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Key benefits of IDOL Audio Analytics

Speech-to-text transcription

Accurate conversation transcriptions

OpenText™ IDOL's speech-to-text capabilities transcribe audio files using natural language processing and speaker detection. You get true-to-conversation files that can be stored and analyzed.

Analyze topics and trends

Store audio files in text format for analysis

Audio classification

Reduce manual efforts in audio analysis

Automatically or manually train IDOL to categorize some or all of an audio file into groups based on specific rules or identified similarities to reduce manual efforts

Use across industries

Improve accuracy and holistic understanding of audio files

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Speaker identification

Who said what?

Identify specific, known speakers from across your entire data set to properly annotate your audio files

Get a more thorough analysis of audio files when you include speaker identification

Search transcriptions more easily


Language identification

Analyze and extract content in over 40 languages and dialects—out of the box.

Event detection

Identify and get notified of non-language events such as baby cries, gunshots, or changes in roadside audio.


Security entitlement preservation, authentication, access control, and user homogenization.

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