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OpenText Wireless DMS for eDOCS

Expanding the reach of your document repository

In today’s working environment, we depend on mobile devices for everyday business communications and interactions. We are no longer limited to our desks and laptops and it can become inconvenient when we do not have access to our documents while in transit.

How often do you have impromptu meetings with clients or customers and wish that you had printed out the documents to bring with you? Have you needed to access a document quickly but do not have the time or ability to connect, search and access the document management (DM) system in the traditional manner? Can you perform a search and view documents in your eDOCS repository while in a taxi, on the train, or waiting to catch a flight?

With OpenText™ Wireless DMS for eDOCS by Matrix Logic, you can extend the reach of your document repository and connect to your eDOCS document management system at any time – even while you are in transit – and have instant search and retrieval capabilities from your mobile device.

Instant Access to Documents in eDOCS DM

Wireless DMS for eDOCS translates requests to and  from your wireless device and any changes in eDOCS DM are immediately shown on your handheld. You can search document libraries and fax or email retrieved documents.

Connect from Different Devices

Wireless DMS for eDOCS contains separate modules for the different mobile devices used by your organization. BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile modules are currently available. In addition, users may connect from numerous phones, pagers, PALMs and PocketPCs and Windows CE handheld devices. The list of supported devices is growing all the time.

Wireless DMS Modules

Wireless DMS for BlackBerry

  • Designed specifically for the Blackberry device, connects via BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to lightweight  Wireless DMS Device Server application on your server via mobile network
  • Access Recent Edits, Quick Searches and issue content searches
  • Documents can be emailed as attachment or a reference, or viewed on BlackBerry
  • Has full contacts integration with your Address Book to easily email a document
  • Walk” DM folders

Wireless DMS for iPhone

  • Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone device, connects to lightweight Wireless DMS Device Server application on your server via the 3G or EDGE network or WiFi connection.
  • Documents can be downloaded to the iPhone for you to use while offline or on an airplane
  • Shortcut can be created to Recent Edits
  • Communications can be via http or https
  • Access Recent Edits, Quick searches and issue content searches
  • Has full contacts integration on the iPhone
  • Full cut & paste support
  • "Walk” DM folders

Wireless DMS MicroBrowser

  • Allow connection to a DM Library (via a DM Server) from mobile device
  • Supported devices include mobile phones with WAP orMicroBrowsers, Apple iPhone, PalmOS based handhelds with various commercial or freeware WAP/HTML browsers,BlackBerry devices with a web browser service, and any Windows Mobile device (PocketPC/SmartPhone) with a connection

Wireless DMS MobileSync 2.0

  • Synchronizes DM library documents that you specify to a regular file folder so you can take them with you for reference or editing.
  • Can start MobileSync from a USB drive or another computerto view and edit documents. All it needs is an internet connection to keep your documents in sync.
  • Updates are recorded in the document history
  • MobileSync maintains a list of who has which documents synched to which devices.
  • Create new documents

Wireless DMS Email Service

  • Allows remote access to your document management system via almost any device with email access
  • Search, retrieval and resolution of DRF’s via email
  • Create documents from attachments or email from any device (using Matrix Logic’s new Auto-Profiling Technology)
  • Can be used by regular workstation users or mobile users
  • Send a document as an attachment or reference remotely
  • This module is a Windows Service that communicates via the Exchange WebDAV API.


Download more information about OpenText Wireless DMS for eDOCS by Matrix Logic: