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Clinical Data Intelligence for Life Sciences Speed regulatory approval with high-quality, compliant documentation

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Clinical Data Intelligence overview

Clinical Data Intelligence for Life Sciences from OpenText™ helps companies manage and accelerate regulatory filing for new medical entities to quickly and efficiently bring therapies to market. The solution offers clinical trial management software with automated, intelligent capture and AI to help organizations enhance meta analysis in clinical trial documents.

Why Clinical Data Intelligence?

  • Collecting clinical data is tedious

    AI-augmented capture collects, reads, analyzes and categorizes trial data to improve efficiency and accuracy.

  • Document analysis is time consuming

    Embedded AI automates classification to save time, reduce discrepancies and help improve quality over time.

  • Data quality impacts filing

    Capture technology accelerates the filing process with validated and harmonized data.

Industry use case

A Life Sciences company wanted to improve the quality and efficiency of classification for clinical trial documents.

Using Clinical Data Intelligence, the company can now take advantage of capture and AI technology to improve data quality, reduce time to submission and get to market faster.

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